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(Ubiquitous Social Network Service)

USNS token is designed and used as an exclusive incentive token platform to inspire and encourage individuals who can share their redundant computing and bandwidth resources as caching or relay nodes for YouTube views. This also motivates creators and viewers of YouTube videos in online economic activity.

Big retailers like Wal-mart are already using blockchain-powered supply chains. It's only a matter of time before every retailer is using blockchain in some capacity.

More importantly, by introducing tokens as an incentive cryptocurrency, Ubiquitous Social Network Service allows worldwide YouTube viewers to engage each other, drive revenues, and shopping experience on the USNS platform.


YouTube, the online video portal's net advertising revenues amounted to an estimated 7.8 billion US dollars, and are set to increase to 11.76 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. 

u. s. n. s.

“Ubiquitous Social Network Service”(USNS), a new De-centralized blockchain as the incentive token for a decentralized video streaming and delivery platform.


Individuals who produce content for the YouTube platform. From vlogs, to “how-tos,” to travel and lifestyle journals, to comedy skits, to “let’s play” clips, to highly produced non-fiction and narrative content, anyone who makes videos for a YouTube Channel can be considered a YouTube Creator.


Individuals from the world who visit channels and watch videos ma by the YouTube Creators. The growing number of active YouTube users in a month is 1.8 billion, bigger than Gmail and Facebook.


The ultimate concern of Ubiquitous Social Network Service is to transform the passive viewer into a secondary producer of new value as allowing USNS users to meet with YouTube to create synergetic momentum.

Countless YouTube creators have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in advertising revenue alone through their upload videos, and the number has grown steadily over the past few years (more than 50 percent in 2016).

It is known that Google is the only company that distributes content advertising revenue to recognized creators who have partnered Google operating on the YouTube platform, offering higher returns than other Social Network Service platforms.

The Birth of YouTube Premium, paid flat rate service.

In 2015, YouTube launched a long and arduous journey to create new content delivery contracts with millions of partners for the launch of new paid services. That's how "YouTube Premium" was born.

YouTube Premium paid members can watch videos without advertisements at a monthly fee of $10 and play them in the background even when using other apps by storing them offline. Since monthly fees are paid to creators based on viewing time, creators earn more money through Premium members than viewers watching advertising videos.

Through USNS, YouTube creators and viewers can create and share the revenues together by creating and viewing videos on the basic and YouTube premium.

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uSNS Initial Exchange Offering


Initial Exchange Offering of USNS tokens is coming.

Please, wait. Thank you for your patience.

YouTube View Miners 70%     Initial Exchange Offering 10%     Marketing 18%     Founders and Team 2%


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